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Carlota de Benito Moreno – Professor for Ibero-Romance Linguistics at University of Zurich. Her research and publications focus on morphosyntactic variation and change in Spanish and other Ibero-Romance languages and methodological issues in corpus linguistics.

Ricardo de Pascual – Completed his undergrad studies in Psychology, a Master’s in Psychology of Health and a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology at the UAM, as well as a Master’s in Behavorial Therapy at the Instituto Terapeútico de Madrid. He researches change processes in therapy and therapeutic interactions from a behavioral-analytical perspective.He teaches at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and works as a therapist at ITEMA.

Paula del Río Manzanas – Biotechnology student at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Works currently at the Centro de Tecnología Biomédica, where she uses silk to develop bio-materials that allow for tissue regeneration. She also participates in the project «Evento Ciencia», a calendar of Science Communication events.

Ignacio Elpidio Domínguez Ruiz – PhD in Social Anthropology, works as a researcher at the European Social Research Unit of the Universitat de Barcelona’s Departament d’Antropologia Social.

Víctor García Tagua – Researcher in Applied Biomedicine at the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de Candelaria and the Universidad de La Laguna.

Miguel Sánchez Ibáñez – Lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He studies Neology, Lexicography and Terminological Dependency.

Judith Juanhuix – PhD in Physics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Section Head of Life Sciences and Soft Condensed Matter at the ALBA Synchrotron.

Gabriel J. Martín – Psychologist and affirmative psychotherapist for gay men in Barcelona. He is also the representative of the Consejo Español de Psicología for the LGBT Office of the American Psychological Society.

Simón Perera – Business Developer at ProtoQSAR (Bioinformatics, Computational Toxicology) and Research Support at GonzálezLab (Evolutionary Biology, IBE-UPF).

Aitor Villafranca – Researches photonic devices at the CSIC’s Instituto de Óptica in Madrid.

Roi Villar – Head of Cabinet for the Councilperson for University, Innovation and digital Transformation of the Government of Navarra.

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