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PRISMA Conference is an event for members of the LGBTIQA+ community in Science, Technology and Innovation to meet and share their experiences. Since people from many different backgrounds will attend the event, we are asking presenters to make their talks and posters accessible for a general audience. Every abstract will be evaluated by a diverse and interdisciplinary science committee, whose members won’t all be experts in the regarding area.

You can submit your proposal through the submission template. You will be asked to indicate title, abstract (200 to 300 words) and some details about the author(s).

The science committee will choose some abstracts to be presented as oral short presentations (12 minutes + 3 minutes of questions). The remaining authors will be invited to present their work as posters. The committee will use the following criteria to evaluate the abstracts:

  • Content: 
    • Clarity of the research question.
    • Clear introduction to the topic.
    • Originality of the research question.
    • Adequacy of experimental design (for experimental studies).
  • Contribution:
    • Hypothesis and results are explained clearly. 
    • Results are interpreted explicitly. 
    • Discussion: Does the study add to, refine or refute the literature?
    • Possible implications/impact.
  • Overarching criteria:
    • Accessible for an audience with diverse scientific backgrounds.
    • Inclusion of LGBTIQA+ perspectives.
    • Inclusion of gender-related perspectives.
    • Relationship with the themes of the conference (Health and Resilience).


We accept proposals in English and all official languages of Spain. We strongly recommend that oral presentations be held in English or Spanish. If you want to present in another language, please contact us first by email to talk about the options. For posters, we also recommend English and Spanish, but will accept all official languages of Spain without the need to confirm with us.

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